Halo Energy Sword Table Lamp

Halo Energy Sword Table Lamp

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Spice up that lonely end table with a glowing piece of video game love. This Halo inspired light is perfect for a corner table, night stand, or the sleeping quarters on your Pelican. 

Lamp is made of laser cut and polished 1/4" acrylic (the sword blades of transparent fluorescent blue, the handle and stand of translucent dark blue) giving the piece a very clean look. Each lamp measures about 22" when fully assembled, and each energy sword clocks in at 18". 

As an added bonus, the sword easily lifts out of the base to be used in non-swordy, or pretend-swordy ways. Beware, the acrylic point is sharp, and could easily poke a hole in a priceless piece of artwork. Oh and also your brain. You don't want holes there. 

Some assembly is required. Base comes fully assembled, but the energy sword must be bolted together. It's a super quick and easy job, and simply takes a screwdriver and wrench. Honestly, even tightening by hand works just as well. Either method, you should be up and running within minutes. One bulb included.

Each lamp is made to order, and ships as soon as they are ready. Depending on timing and life, this is usually anywhere between 1 to 2 days. We ship everything priority, so as soon as its on its way it should be there in 2-3 days.