Wooden Nintendo Wii U Console Case

Wooden Nintendo Wii U Console Case


Custom Wii U case houses the console, a GameCube controller adapter, and the Wii U power brick in one convenient and stylish package. The lid features a large red Super Smash Brothers icon, and can be flipped to reveal slots to hold the Gamepad stand/charger and seven amiibo.

The case is made from a combination of birch and maple plywood. The vents of the console are smartly lined up with handles on the side of the case to provide plenty of airflow to prevent over heating. Testing of +10 hours of straight game play results in no noticeable heat increase. GameCube adapter sits snugly in the front to eliminate cords, and, as a throwback to the original console, uses dots to indicate controller port number. Access remains open to all buttons, ports, slots, fans, etc. on the console.

The case can be used as a monitor stand as well. With the Smash logo facing upwards, it provides a solid base to place a monitor on top. Perfect for travelling with a setup to tournaments, or eliminating clutter in your home by placing the console directly under the TV. Large TV's with the need for a wider base of support should not be placed on top of the case.

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